Attracting Ladybugs to Your Florida Backyard

by Amanda Rose Newton Without a doubt, Ladybugs (a beetle, NOT a bug) are the most recognizable “good bug” around. It is no wonder that the cups of live ladybugs we sell happen to be one of our most requested items! If you are a regular in our garden center, you may have noticed a […]

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Shade Plants for Florida

Most of these plants like 4-5 hours of indirect light, however, they can take more shade, but may become “leggy” and will require more pruning. Plants that grow in the shade may also require less water, depending on the conditions. Plants marked with an asterisk (*) will take more dense shade.  Trees (Partial Shade) Dahoon […]

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You Can Do It! Container Victory Gardening

by Amanda Rose Newton When America is faced with challenging times, we garden. In the 1940s during the War, growing food brought control, security, and a sense of purpose to people across the country. Most books on victory gardening focus on large plots of plants, leaving out thousands of us who may just have a […]

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How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are in! It’s time to go over a few tips on how to choose the perfect cut Christmas tree and how to keep it beautiful and healthy throughout the holidays. Tips for purchasing a fresh cut Christmas Tree Know the height of your ceiling! You don’t want to buy a tree then get […]

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