Online Ordering FAQ – Farmers Market

When can I expect my order?

Curbside orders will be fulfilled between 10AM and 3PM, on Wednesday and on Friday.

Any curbside order placed Friday after noon to Wednesday at noon will be filled on Wednesday for pickup Wednesday or Thursday.

Any curbside order placed Wednesday after noon to Friday at noon will be filled on Friday for pickup Friday or Saturday.

How does this all work?

  1. Click “Shop our inventory,” “Farmer’s Market,” then “Curbside Pickup Form” to be taken to our market request form, or click here.
  2. Read the terms and conditions. This information is updated as our system changes and will give you an idea of when your order is ready, as well as other important information, including our $35 order minimum (more on that later!).
  3. Select the types of produce and market products you would like to purchase and their quantity.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with information about pickup and reminders about the terms and conditions.
  5. Wait patiently for an emailed invoice! Grocery requests are filled in the order we receive them. If we expect a significant delay in completing your order, we will reach out to you directly. As a reminder, produce availability and arrival on site is affected by many factors, including weather, time of the week, order volume, and harvest rotations. Availability of vendor products and produce are adjusted on the order form throughout the day in order to give you an as close as possible idea of what your order will be at the time you place it, but the final order might vary.
  6. When your order is ready for pick up, we will send you an invoice payable online to the email address provided. The invoice will include your total and reminders about the pick-up process. You will have 24 hours from this point to pick up your produce.
  7. Call 321.636.7662 30 minutes prior to your arrival at Rockledge Gardens. We will place your order in the Farmer’s Market Curbside Pickup Fridge located outside the pink check-out building in the parking lot. Drive up, load up your items yourself, and go home to enjoy your local, fresh, beautiful produce!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have (insert veggie here)? We try to keep the market request form as updated as possible with what is available in the market! If we don’t have your favorite produce item, check back later in the week to see if we’ve been able to restock it. We are at the point in the Florida growing cycle where we see some produce fading out and other types of produce coming into the peak of their season. Expect to see fewer gentle greens (arugula and bok choy, for example), while veggies like squash and tomatoes are officially more readily available and delicious! If you don’t see a favorite vendor product listed on the form, leave us a note in their ordering field. We’ll see what we can do for you!

A $35 order minimum? Really? Yes, really! The $35 minimum ensures that the time and energy we put into your order maintains the market as a sustainable source for fresh, local, organic produce. The curbside pickup program is an involved and complex process. Theresa goes to pick up and harvest produce several times a week and our vendors work very hard to keep their shelves stocked during this time of uncertainty. If your order as placed does not reach $35, it will be subject to a service fee raising the total to $35. Nursery and market orders function as two different systems. If you are placing a nursery order, your total there cannot supplement your grocery order total.

What do I do! I forgot pasta/potatoes/peppers/pickles! You have three options:

  1. place another order with “addition” after your name and select only the additional items you would like to include.
  2. respond to your automatic confirmation email with changes and updates
  3. call 321.636.7662 and ask for Tricia.

When is the latest I can place an order for same-day pickup? Until further notice, orders are only filled on Tuesdays and Fridays.

For Tuesday or Wednesday pickup, your order must be placed between Friday (after noon) and Tuesday (at noon).

For Friday or Saturday pickup, your order must be placed between Tuesday (after noon) and Friday (at noon).

Please understand that we are working through orders as quickly as possible, but many factors may affect us getting you your order immediately!

There may be times when you stop by the form and it is closed for orders. Just check back in at the time listed on the page, and place your order at that point!

How will I know when my order is ready? You will receive an invoice payable online via the email you submitted with your order. This invoice is how you know that your order is ready! To ensure freshness, we have a 24-hour window for picking up. Unless prior arrangements are made, any orders not picked up within this window are forfeited.

Can you text or call when my order is ready? No, at this time email is the only way we can communicate your order’s status.

When can I pick up my order? How late can I pick up my order? Sending your invoice begins the 24-hour pickup window for your order. Please give us a 30-minute heads up that you’re on your way to the Gardens so we can move your order from the holding fridge to the pickup fridge. We do ask that you stay within this 30-minute arrival window so that the pickup fridge space is being utilized as efficiently as possible. Pick up is available during our garden center business hours.

Can I pick up my grocery order and my nursery order at the same time? Of course! After receiving pickup confirmation emails from both the nursery and the market, call us at 321.636.7662 to coordinate simultaneous pickup.

If I drive up, can someone just take my order and bring it out to me? Curbside pickup is a labor-intensive procedure. In order to ensure all guests have fair access to produce and are receiving their orders in a timely manner, we ask that guests respect the procedures and place an order online for pick up. 

Can I place an order over the phone? We highly encourage the use of our online ordering system in order to provide fair service to all guests. However, if you are unable to access the online system and need help ordering over the phone, we will gladly be able to help. Please call 321.636.7662 and ask to speak with Tricia about your Farmer’s Market order.

Will you load my order into my vehicle? For your safety and the safety of our staff, we ask that you plan to load your items yourself or with the assistance of a member of your household. If you need assistance, please call us at 321-636-7662 and remain in your vehicle. Our staff can load larger items into your trunk or truck bed (but not your backseat) if necessary.