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2017 Rockledge Gardens fall festival

Vendor Agreement

By submitting the form below, vendor agrees to comply with all of the following guidelines:

Vendor must commit to being present for both days of the festival, Saturday, October 28th and Sunday October 29th.

Vendor must remain set up and open for business at the festival during all publicized festival hours (Saturday 9am – 4pm, Sunday 11am – 3pm); vendor agrees not to close early.

Vendor must have tent or table and merchandise fully set up prior to 9am on Saturday and 11am on Sunday.

Vendor must have his or her vehicle moved out of the main Rockledge Gardens parking lot and onto designated vendor parking no later than 8:45am Saturday and 10:45am Sunday.

Vendor understands that spaces at the Rockledge Gardens’ Fall Festival are limited, if vendor reserves a space and cannot use it, vendor must inform Rockledge Gardens’ Events Director of cancellation in writing no later than Monday, October 2nd, 2017.

Rockledge Gardens is not responsible for loss of or damage to any goods or equipment.

Pavilion vendors are assigned a 6’x6’ space, outdoor vendors are assigned a 10’x10’ space.

Rockledge Gardens is unable to take requests for specfic space assignments.

Vendors are responsible for bringing any and all tents, tables, and chairs.

Vendors who use social media are asked to help with the promotion of the festival by “tagging” the event and Rockledge Gardens on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (optional but encouraged).

Questions? Contact Liz Lark Riley, Events & Marketing Director, (321) 636-7662 or

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