Plum trees are great choices to plant in the month of February, giving them time to establish prior to the dry pre-rainy season. Once established, this instant gratification plant will provide you with fresh fruit within two years from planting.

**Not all plums perform well in Florida, so do your research when selecting the ideal tree!

Plum trees have special meaning throughout East Asia, showing up in folklore and continued customs.

The beautiful pink plum blossoms are a symbol of a young lady’s beauty, as the flowers appear before the tree has green foliage. A special cover for the bridal bed is referred to as the plum blossom blanket for this reason and is often an integral part of the wedding ceremony.

Plums also play a role in Chinese mythology, where the 5 distinct petals of the blossom represent the 5 Gods of Happiness. Plum trees are often given as wedding presents as a promise of happy days to come.