the Farm & Market

Growing fresh healthy food for our local community, and inspiring people to grow their own healthy food…

What’s NEW at The Farm at Rockledge Gardens!

We’re refreshing and regrowing The Farm at Rockledge Gardens!

We’re in the process of moving the Farm growing area from south of Magruder to the land directly across the highway from the Garden Center, north of Magruder. Our new Farm production area will mean more of our healthy, delicious, just-picked produce for you when we start crops production again soon.

Meanwhile, during the summer the Farm Market is open Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm, with a variety of fresh delicious produce from The Farm and partner farms in Florida and North Carolina, and delicious healthy treats from our partner vendors. 

tomato growing at The Farm at Rockledge Gardens
the Market

The Market is a community farm market featuring our own crops as well as those of other local space-coast growers, plus pick-your-own herbs. Wonderful local vendors provide eggs and meats, cheese, fresh breads, jams, pasta, and a range of small-batch prepared foods. 

how & what we grow at The Farm

The Farm at Rockledge Gardens is a 2-acre farm that uses natural methods for growing delicious fresh food in season. We do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides, and our growing systems use a fraction of the water required in traditional farming practices.

The crops we grow (in season) include: tomatoes (Florida varieties, heirlooms, and assorted cherries), lettuces, kale, arugula, spinach, chard, herbs, edible flowers, blackberries, and blueberries.

At The Farm we grow our crops in hydroponic Verti-Gro stacking towers, ground pots, lay-flat bags, and raised beds. Our growing media include coconut (coir) fiber, perlite, composted pine bark, and organic soil mixes. Planning for the future includes a variety of in-ground fruit trees at the north end of the Farm.

Irrigation at The Farm involves micro tubes dripping nutrient water. This efficient process uses virtually all of the water with very little waste; the system uses one-tenth the water required in traditional farming.

For disease and pest control at The Farm we use only controls that are approved for organic gardening: Integrated Pest Management (IPM); Actinovate; Maxicrop; Bt (thuricide and dipel); Neem oil; insecticidal soap; sticky traps; flowers to attract pollinators; beneficial insects (lady bugs, beneficial wasps, bees, butterflies).

We love teaching homeowners how to grow their own fresh food; a variety of homeowner veggie gardening systems are available; please ask us about them!