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Welcome to our gardening video tutorials, each week we will highlight a new gardening topic with one of our expert staff so that you can SEE exactly how to be successful in your garden!

our most popular gardening video:

Learn how to plant your plants properly for the best chance of success.

Watch more of our weekly how-to videos about gardening

garden kit how-to videos:

How to Build a Terrarium

Create your own Swallowtail butterfly kit

Build your own container herb garden

Create your own Monarch butterfly kit

Kid’s garden kit

How to build a Succulent Garden

Using Plant inserts in your pots


Reduce watering using Hydretain

How to use a moisture meter

Proper watering for the Florida Landscape

How to tell if your houseplants need water

cuttings, seeds and propagating:

How to Harvest Seeds from Flowers

Propagating pothos cuttings with Liz

Dividing and Repotting Bromeliads

Orchid Mounting

Dividing and Re-potting Water Lilies with Kim

edibles and food forest:

The Best Mangoes to Grow in Florida

How to manage Citrus Greening (HLB) – Citrus Tree Tips and Care

Mango Care

Managing Bananas with Josh

Food Forest

Food forest garden tour in zone 9b

Florida natives:

Florida Native Blueberries with Norman

Florida Native: Wax Myrtle aka Southern Bayberry.


Rejuvenation Pruning

Shaping your hedges with a hedge trimmer

Selective Pruning for Large Leaf Shrubs and Hedges

How to trim crape myrtles with Brian

in the landscape:

Caring for Roses in Florida

Gardening Ergonomics with Josh

Annuals vs Perennials in Florida with Theresa

Repotting Orchids with Dar

How to Prune Roses

Amending your Soil for healthier plants in Florida

houseplants and greenhouse:

Using a Cachepot for your Plants

5 easy to care for houseplants (and tips to keep them alive)

monthly what to do:

What to do in your landscape in January

February Zone 9b Gardening with Kevin

What to do in your garden in March (Central Florida zone 9b)

events and weddings:

5 Steps for a Magical Outdoor Wedding

Events at Rockledge Gardens

7 reasons to get married at Rockledge Gardens

Our first year of weddings

The Farmer’s Market

Gift ideas from the Farmer’s Market store

Christmas in Florida

Caring for Poinsettias – Indoors and Out

Living Christmas Trees

Fresh cut Christmas tree care


Preparing your landscape for a hurricane

Happy Fourth, 2019

Rockledge Gardens in the news

Rockledge Gardens Business of the Year

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