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New Planting Guide  Proper planting is essential for healthy plants and their survival! Follow these steps to ensure the success of your new plants.     

Florida Gardening — Florida Nursery Growers & Landscape Association website developed with the homeowner in mind. Full of useful information for growing in Florida, with plant data and fun facts.

Think Green, Live Green brochure about how interior plants can remove toxins from indoor air. Available as a brochure with photos, or a text version.

Florida-friendly Landscaping — website full of useful information about eco-friendly gardening in Florida, including landscaping with native plants and plants requiring little irrigation or fertilizer, and gardening to attract wildlife. And The Florida-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Plant Selection and Landscape Design.

Buglady Consulting — This popular consultant to nurseries has created a page especially for homeowners about “good guy” and “bad guy” bugs.

Espoma — The website of this supplier of natural gardening solutions has useful information about feeding and caring for plants.

University of Florida’s “Solutions for Your Life” — Practical information about lawns and gardens, the environment and sustainable living, and personal health and safety.

The American Orchid Society website is full of great info on growing orchids, including orchid basics and a large selection of culture sheets.

Leu Gardens — One of the nicest botanical gardens in the country, right in our own backyard, in Orlando!

McKee Botanical Garden is a 18-acre subtropical jungle hammock in Vero Beach, with a dense and diverse plant collection and restored architectural treasures.

Blog the Beach is a fun and info-packed blog about Florida’s beautiful beaches.

A couple of fun Facebook pages about Florida: “Old Florida”; “Authentic Florida”