January 6, 2021

New Year, New Plants: The Top 5 Easiest Plants to Grow for Beginner Gardeners

By Amanda Rose Newton

The New Year triggers a desire to set goals, try new things, and conquer previous shortcomings.

For gardeners, starting seeds is a reminder that all organisms have the power of growth and change with the right support. This year, more than ever seems like the perfect time to get our hands dirty and grow plants to help keep us healthy, full, and happy in 2021.

For those new to gardening, the whole process of attempting to keep a living thing alive can be overwhelming! To ease yourself in, try the below plants for some easy to grow, high success rate plants that cross the spectrum from flower to food.

All these choices are practical for any garden space whether you have several acres or a single sunny window.


Growing fresh bean sprouts or microgreens for your salads, sandwiches, and smoothies is so easy you will wonder why you ever bought these from the store!

All you need is a sunny window, seeds of choice, and a vessel to grow them in (a sprouting tray or a mason jar). Simply soak the seeds overnight in the container with 1 cup of water, and then strain the water off the next day. It usually only takes a week or so to get harvestable sprouts going, which is great for those instant gratification types.

Be sure to check out Rose’s Facebook live video on growing sprouts at home using kits that you can find in the seed shed along with packs of seeds to get started.

Zinnias and Sunflowers


If flowers are your thing, growing a bouquet from seed is easier than you may think.

Zinnias, as well as sunflowers, need little more than soil and water to become spectacular showpieces in your garden or displayed proudly in a vase.

With many colors to choose from, it’s an easy way to get a lot of bang for your buck. The best part? You can recollect the seeds from flower heads to grow new flowers to keep the color going all season long.

Be sure to check out Norman’s video on seed collecting to see how easy it is to do this with all kinds of wildflowers.


I consider nasturtiums to be a twofer, as they double as both a delicious edible herb as well as a beautiful flower. Coming in colors ranging from vibrant red hues to milky white, there is a variety to suit everyone.

Edible nasturtiums sold in our Farmer’s Market

Nasturtiums also have a unique trailing habit, making this great for an annual groundcover and a natural for spilling out of hanging baskets and planters. Nothing gets you to jump on board the more salads bandwagon faster than edible flowers to spruce up your plate!

Check out our seed shed for an array of options.

Peppers and Tomatoes

Growing food is both rewarding and cost-effective. Tomatoes (especially cherry) and peppers happen to be some of the easiest to grow. You can start these easily by seed indoors, and later transplant them outdoors in a larger container or directly in the ground. Use your imagination for planters, as anything from old pots to bathtubs can make an ideal home for a pepper or a tomato.

This is a great way to try new varieties that you won’t find at the grocery store and add a surprising colorful punch to the garden or porch.


The indoor plant trend is not coming to an end anytime soon! For those stuck with no outdoor space whatsoever, or those just looking to add more greenery indoors and out, succulents are an easy answer!

Not only are there literally hundreds to choose from at all price points and sizes, but many require little light and water to do well.

Looking for suggestions? Swing by the greenhouse for an array of little beauties already acclimated to low light. If you are unfamiliar with string of bananas or dolphins, prepare to want one of each!

No matter what your skill in the garden is, the plants above are a simple way to add joy to your life. When given as a gift, consumed in a salad, or brightening up your walkway, a simple plant has a remarkable ability to remind us that we are capable of growth and change.