Elm Tree

The graceful elm is out of fashion in the big tree business. It’s time for a comeback! If you have space (and Elms like a lot of it), give it a try!

You will be gifted with that classic storybook look with minimal upkeep once established. Like any tree, you want to give it a great start by planting it upright as high as it was while in its pot. Water it every day the first two weeks and then taper off to every other day the week after that until you get to a schedule of twice a week when it does not rain or the sprinklers do not run. Fertilize as needed and prune on schedule to keep it at its best.

The Elm holds the record for the most likely to have the initials of lovers carved into the bark. While the history of how this popular tradition started (though likely it was in Medieval Europe) more Elm trees than any other have served as a rondeau point for secret love affairs.

Perhaps it is the distinct appearance, large size, and easy ability to climb that makes it such an attractive meeting point for romantic trysts and picnics alike.