Flowering Pea

Gandules, AKA Pigeon Pea! Beautiful and quick growing, legume also provide depleted soil with essential nutrients like nitrogen, making them a favorite in crop rotation models.

Whether you decide to go with a flowering pea or use Pidgeon pea as a green manure (check out this blog for details) you can’t beat a pea! These do their best work in full sun and require 3 feet of space.

The Princess and the Pea is one of the most familiar fairytales worldwide, and this love story features an often-overlooked flower.

All legumes (beans) produce distinct, showy flowers as well as their signature pods. In the classic tale, a prince searching for his dream princess finds her due to her ability to feel something as seemingly insignificant as a single pea. This serves as proof of the worthiness of love, which legumes certainly are.