Mangos are the new citrus in Brevard!

Mango trees grow well all throughout Brevard county. The main issue growing mangoes is when flowering occurs prior to the end of the cold season. When a post-flowering freeze occurs, the flowers fall and no fruit will be produced that season.

On seasons the cool weather is not an issue, it’s not unusual to pull dozens of fruits from your tree! For the best luck, plant in full sun, watch for fungi (watch that watering schedule), and choose a variety YOU like.

Depictions of the Mango fruit and love are well represented in Sanskrit. The story goes that a great emperor fell in love with the daughter of the Sun and in order to escape an evil sorceress, she turned herself into a golden lotus. The sorceress made sure to burn the flower and a mango tree emerged from the ruins. The Sun’s daughter emerged from a ripe mango and was reunited with the emperor by the story’s end.