Florida Landscape Ideas with Pictures

Get ideas for your Florida landscape with these photos of beautiful landscapes in Central Florida.

Simple Florida Landscape Ideas

Simple Florida Landscape
Florida landscape with common plants – Birds of Paradise, Variegated Arboricola and Palms

Florida landscape ideas that minimize turf lawn

These Florida homeowners have discovered the benefits of replacing their lawn with planting areas for flower beds, shrubs, and trees. Replacing turf-grass lessens the amount of mowing, weeding and fertilizing, which is huge in Florida where it takes a lot of resources and effort to keep your grass green all year long.

Minimal Florida landscape with rock beds, palm trees, and grasses.
Planting beds lined with bricks and filled with rocks and easy to grow plants such as Spanish Bayonet, Canna Lillies and Grasses.
Incorporate seasonal plants into your garden beds, such as Poinsettias for Christmas.