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what to do in your garden in May

As the days get longer and the sun gets more intense, consider replanting your container gardens with more heat-tolerant plants. You can also move your containers to partial shade to prolong the life of your spring flowers.

When you dead-head your perennials, toss the seed heads into the flower bed. Many of these seeds will germinate, and these second-generation perennials are sturdier and well-acclimated to your garden.
Clean the air in your home with house plants. Some of the best houseplants for air purification are pothos, spathiphyllum, dracaena, and chamadorea palms.

It’s time for late spring fertilizing. Use “tone” fertilizer products, which are organic-based plant foods that won’t burn, even in these warmer months. Remember: the local fertilizer ban begins in June. Click here to learn more about fertilizing responsibly.

Annual and perennials to plant now include ageratum, angelonia, bulbine, bush daisies, begonias, caladiums, coleus, coreopsis, cosmos, dahlberg daisies, dune sunflowers, gaillardia, gazania daisies, lantana, pentas, purslane, salvias, vinca, and zinnias.

Herbs and vegetables to plant now include basil, black-eyed peas, cherry tomatoes, chives, mint, okra, parsley, peppers, and rosemary. 

Read our Vegetable Info Sheet to learn more about vegetable gardening.

May spotlight

Annual and perennials to plant in May include coreopsis