Our Guarantee

Think of us as your partners in gardening success! We stand by the quality of our plants and the quality of our information and we are here for you every step of the way. Read on for information about our guarantee!

proper planting and watering

The most common causes of new plant failure are improper planting and improper watering. If you have properly cared for your plant, and it is showing signs of decline, please follow the steps below to initiate our guarantee process.

our guarantee

We are confident that our plants are healthy and beautiful when you purchase them, which is why we back all non-seasonal plants with a six-month guarantee when plants are properly cared for by the purchaser.

If a properly cared for plant fails within six months of purchase, see below to initiate the guarantee process.

how the guarantee works

If your new plant does not look its best once in the ground, it may be from transplant shock as their non-established root system can leave newly planted plants more susceptible to unfavorable conditions (our Success Kit can help mitigate this AND extend your warranty, see below). This is common and does not always mean your plant is dying. Our goal is to save the plant prior to its demise. To qualify for our guarantee, the plant must be examined by a Rockledge Gardens’ representative PRIOR to being removed from the ground.

1. As soon as your plant exhibits signs of distress, send multiple photos from different angles (far away, medium distance, and a close-up of the foliage) as well as a description of your issue to

Our garden experts will assess the plant to determine the reason for the decline in health.

2. If the issue is treatable, we will work with you to come up with a solution to combat the problem. If the plant is untreatable, and the failure appears to be from natural causes, we will replace the plant or offer store credit for the full purchase price when the dead plant is returned to us. Purchaser MUST have a copy of the original receipt or have checked out as a “Garden Bug” at the time of purchase so that we have a record of the sale.

3. Plants will be replaced one time, and there is no guarantee on the replacement plant. If your plant is not available at the time of replacement, you will receive store credit for the amount of the original price paid or you may choose a different plant for the replacement.

want to extend your guarantee to 1 year?

Plants properly planted with our Success Kit or delivered and planted by our team using our planting service are guaranteed for one year.

Biotone’s enhanced plant food is great for difficult soil conditions. It promotes bigger blooms, reduces transplant stress, and contains mycorrhizae, which work to stimulate root growth for increased nutrient uptake as well as increased resistance to disease.

NOTE: The Success Kit or planting service must be purchased at the same time, on the same receipt, the plant was purchased for the extended warranty.


Our warranty covers all non-seasonal plants. It does not include seasonal plants such as annuals, veggies, and herbs.  

We do not guarantee any of the following plants under any circumstance:

  • Annuals
  • Herbs & Veggies
  • Plants installed in containers above ground
  • Plants that have been left un-planted in nursery pots without proper watering
  • Plants damaged by events beyond our control (such as hurricanes, freezes, hail storms, etc.)