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Growing Healthy Citrus in Florida

by Amanda Rose Newton If you were to ask someone what fruit comes to mind when they think Florida, chances are, it would be a type of citrus. Throughout the 1900s, the citrus industry was booming, and the result could be seen by sprawling orchards of beautiful tees producing oranges, grapefruits, and tangerines. Many beloved […]

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Growing Roses in Florida

by Amanda Rose Newton Roses are the quintessential flower of love. However, it takes more than just love for successful roses in Florida! Luckily, we have established time-honored techniques that have kept our roses successful from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s day and beyond. Follow the steps below and you will be armed with all the […]

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Giving Houseplants as Gifts

By Amanda Rose Newton Houseplants are an incredibly thoughtful and memorable gift that can be enjoyed for years to come. But before you go and pick out a random houseplant plant to give as a gift, it is important to note that different houseplants require different levels of care – ranging from basic water and […]

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How to Care for a Cut Christmas Tree

By Denise Crawley Christmas trees are in! It’s time to go over a few tips on how to choose the perfect cut Christmas tree and how to keep it beautiful and healthy throughout the holidays. Tips for purchasing a fresh cut Christmas Tree Know the height of your ceiling! You don’t want to buy a […]

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Venus fly trap with fly caught inside!
Carnivorous Wonders – These fascinating plants lure, catch and digest insects

by Amanda Rose Newton Looking for a unique gift? There is perhaps nothing quite as fascinating or unusual as the often-misunderstood carnivorous plant. Found nearly everywhere on Earth (except Antarctica), these plants have managed to survive in areas most other species could not, thanks to their amazing ability to digest living organisms to generate nitrogen […]

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